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I graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin with a degree in Restoration and Enhancement of cultural heritage with a thesis on architectural design and photography. I studied in Finland Turku University of Applied Sciences, where I studied the wood restoration techniques.


I worked with the Archdiocese of Vercelli and differents architecture en engeenerig studios.

Among the most important projects I have worked on the design of the new Paideia Foundation with arch. Giubergia and arch.Vigliocco in 2015.

From 2014 I worked in Politecnico di Torino with arch. Silvia Gron

in the Atelier Redevelopment of the consolidated city A (Architectural and Urban Composition Form) .


My passion for photography led me to participate in Topography of Trauma workshop in Gibellina with photographer Laura Cantarella in the first edition of 2009 and the second in 2010; where I developed the themes on landscape photography and the achievements of thematic maps.


My biggest passion is the mountain and sports: I'm teacher of Alpine skiing since 2005.



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