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Office R.M

in Turin 

The restructuring aims to change the image of the office to make the atmosphere more modern. the central part of the office, which runs on two different floors, involved a change of colors and light tones. The valuable parts such as precious wood coverings are maintained. Cold and modern materials in glass and steel have been refined to these warm and 'traditional' portions. the secretariat was extended by demolishing two old offices and creating a larger, more transparent area illuminated by direct light. the floors have been modified: a mouquette in squares has been used in the presidential office, while in the secretary there is an anthracite-colored tatami cover.

the intervention also involved the choice of furniture and its positioning. In the large presidential office, it was decided to carry out three macro areas:
- soft area: with a living room
- Head area: with the desk
- meeting area: with the large table





Torino, Italy




Project Management service di Dattilo & C.


Ribet Alessandro

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